ANA (787 Boeing Dreamliner)


Balconi Coffee Company

Bashar Communications

BMP (Bozzio, Migaki, Poel)

Bootsy Collins (Parliament, “Eye Funk,” “Come Together”)

Bunny & Hare

Bunny Brunel (Return to Forever, CAB, Chick Corea)

Carl Palmer (Asia, “Twist of the Wrist”)

Chizu Amada

Chuck-D (Public Enemy, “Classroom”)


Cooper Chiropractic and Wellness

Dave Elitch (Antemasque, Killer Be Killed, The Mars Volta)

Frankie “Kash” Waddy (James Brown, Parliament, “100 Canvasses of Epic Rhythm”)

日之出荘 – ミュージシャンの為のプライベート防音室付シェアハウス

Healing Moon Acupuncture

Jeph Howard (The Used)

Jose Pasillas II (Incubus, “Abstract Rhythms + Landscapes” )

Matsutoyo Kai

Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses, “100 Canvasses of Epic Rhythm”)

Michael Tobias Design (MTD Bass, MTD Kingston)

Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead, “Drum Ki”)

Model G Office (Miyuki Yamada)

Murua (Tokyo Girls Collection)

Naruse Shohei

Oak Lawn Marketing (Storico, ShopJapan)

Phuong Vy

Pinche Paddle Sports

Rick Allen (Def Leppard, “Electric Hand Rhythm+ Change”)

Robert Bubby Lewis

Rome Kanda

Sabian Cymbals

SceneFour (Bill Ward, Brad Wilk, Marky Ramone, Scott Ashton)

SOS Autocraft

Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction, “Time”)

Steve Smith (Journey, “The Fabric of Rhythm”)

T By Concept

Tecamp Amplification (Tecamp USA, Tecamp Global)

Zon Guitars